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Circuit Assembly is growing fast! 

In addition to expanding our production crew, we welcomed three new corporate team members in this last quarter. Chris Benson, Russel Lloyd, and Candice Morales are now a part of the Circuit Assembly corporate family. Here’s a bit more about them.

Chris Benson, a former employee, will re-join as a senior technical sales representative. His experience and knowledge as a part of Circuit Assembly will make him an invaluable addition to the team. Chris previously joined Circuit Assembly in 1999, where he worked in the IT Department.

During his tenure at Circuit Assembly, Chris was a stellar employee working in Technical Sales until 2018. He later became known for introducing Teradyne to customized SAS connectors with pogo pin test ports along with fully custom multi-piece edge cards.


chris benson circuit assembly

Candice Morales joins us as the new Purchasing Manager. She will bring to the company a wealth of knowledge she gained as a Supply Chain Specialist, working with companies like Thales Avionics, Panasonic, and Airshow. In her prior role, Candice successfully redefined “safety stock” exclusively for unanticipated demand spikes, and condensed inventory by 80%.

For years now, Candice has been seen as an inspiring leader and mentor to many. Her success in team building is remarkable, as is her ability to motivate fellow professionals in keeping high performance standards. We welcome Candice and wish her the best.

candice morales

Russ Lloyd will take up the position as the new production manager. We look forward to his contribution as he will oversee the department of domestic production operations. For the past twenty years, Russ has contributed to the success of several projects such as Ingram Micro, International Rectifier, Ross Stores, Thales Avionics, and Safran.

Russ is known for his ability to connect with different levels of peers, top-level executives, customers, and with all stakeholders. He has been instrumental in helping companies acquire their ISO9001 certification by formulating work instructions and offering competent training for their employees. We are excited to have him on the team.

russell lloyd circuit assembly