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Our experience over the years with small to large enterprise projects gives us deep insight into the design process enabling us to guide and work alongside customer engineering teams to help them achieve their vision.

We have put together a number of case studies highlighting how we accomplish this, showing successful projects we have completed in the medical, audio/video, and test equipment industries.

Our latest case study highlights, not so much how we resolved an issue for a customer working on a major overseas project, but more how we can work alongside a customer’s engineering team to help them solve for often complex specifications and quality requirements.

Download the case study below to see how we might be able to assist you on your next project.

Circuit Assembly Accommodates Customer’s Design Process to Develop an SAS Connector on a Huge Capital Project in the IT Field

Circuit Assembly is globally recognized for their quality and customizations, however this case study highlights how they are willing to partner with customer engineering teams to develop new innovations that may require an accommodating approach, and not just providing a solution. The customer does not always know exactly what direction they want to follow in solving for a custom connector solution, but they can rely on Circuit Assembly to partner with them and methodically go through the design teamwork required in developing the best solution.

Circuit Assembly’s Background

Circuit Assembly has been a leader in interface connectors and cable assemblies since 1969. They have customers all over the world who trust them for a wide variety of quality interconnect products, engineering, design, and production services. They specialize in the production of custom connectors and cable assemblies, built to cutting-edge specifications for today’s leading edge products, and for tomorrow’s innovative new solutions.

Their Customer’s Challenge

The customer, a major U.S. data storage company, was looking to develop a huge capital project overseas. They were building a full test house factory and had many structural and component designs to consider. They brought Circuit Assembly into the planning early on as they had come to rely on them as a trusted partner in SAS connector designs for storage device test systems.

There was considerable back and forth on the requirements as the customer’s engineering team hashed out all they were trying to achieve in the overall project. Over a period of a year, while the customer worked on internal requirements and designs, they consulted Circuit Assembly’s engineering and design teams.

The overseas build was a massive project to the customer with a lot of executive pressure, so it was extremely valuable that Circuit Assembly was there to help innovate and support the overall plans. In fact, the customer’s Senior Global Commodity Manager commented that Circuit Assembly was one of the best vendors they had ever worked on such a project with.

Circuit Assembly’s Solution

A two pin subassembly was added to a custom SAS connector to fit the customer’s requirements perfectly. Once the customer and Circuit Assembly’s engineering teams got to the point where the design for the connector was complete, an upfront tooling cost was quoted and samples were created for testing. Results

The customer has since purchased millions of the SAS connectors over the past six years.

Happy Customer

Circuit Assembly’s Data Storage Customer claims:

“Circuit Assembly’s engineering team kept inconstant contact with us during the design process. We find them to be one of the most helpful and easy to work with manufacturers we’ve dealt with. They continue to build a lot of trust with us.”