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We are a leader in design and quality production and often find our customers coming to us for parts that perform better than what they are sourcing currently from their OEM. One such customer, a major audio/video manufacturer turned to us when they encountered a critical cable vibration issue.

The customer tested one of our parts in the field and found a superior fit that eliminated the vibration issue. 

Circuit Assembly Helps Global Professional Audio/Video Hardware & Software Manufacturer. 

Circuit Assembly is often called upon to supply superior replacements for manufacturers who are having issues with a specific part. When an audio/video customer reported a huge problem with vibration issues impacting the connection of a flat ribbon cable to one of their professional audio board products, Circuit Assembly found a solution. This solution is saving the manufacturing customer money, and end customer goodwill. 

Circuit Assembly’s Background 

Circuit Assembly has been a leader in interface connectors and cable assemblies since 1969. They have customers all over the world who trust them for a wide variety of quality interconnect products, engineering, design, and production services. They specialize in the production of custom connectors and cable assemblies, built to cutting-edge specifications for today’s leading edge products, and for tomorrow’s innovative new solutions. 

Their Customer’s Challenge 

Circuit Assembly’s professional audio/video customer is known for providing state-of-the-art equipment for live sound stage productions, cinemas, and more. They are known for computer-controlled precision assembly and providing equipment that has been rigorously tested. 

They had a significant design challenge with vibration on a flat ribbon connector and cable assembly . This particular cable assembly was under severe vibrational stresses. An improvement in the design of this cable assembly was required as the LCD display on the sound board kept experiencing shorts. 

The successful design of this cable assembly was crucial because the only way to remove the cable was complete equipment tear-down, or sending the hardware back to the company under a warranty claim. 

Circuit Assembly’s Solution 

1. Cross Parts 

Circuit Assembly’s professional audio/video manufacturing customer’s lead engineer requested a connector with a tight fit be found to match the equipment on the original BOM. After Circuit Assembly created a suitable alternative the customer tested the quality of a Circuit Assembly part to see if it would resolve the vibration issue. 

2. Testing 

Circuit Assembly provided samples of an equivalent superior product to the part the company had originally designed in. The professional manufacturer’s engineers tested the products for 3 months. They found Circuit Assembly’s parts secured a tight fit, and there was no connection loss or short on the LCD panel display.

3. Quality Product 

The customer has been procuring this product from Circuit Assembly successfully for several years. Circuit Assembly’s product represented a superior product design and quality. 


Despite the fact the new connector product was more expensive than the original BOM supplier’s connector, the customer continues to purchase this product from Circuit Assembly. The company continues to protect their reputation in offering state-of-the-art audio/video equipment by utilizing Circuit Assembly for it’s engineering expertise. 

Happy Customer 

From Circuit Assembly’s Manufacturer of Professional audio/video equipment: 

“Circuit Assembly has quality parts designed for rugged and professional conditions. They can also be counted on for delivering exceptional custom jobs and finding perfect fits for product redesigns.”