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An Introduction to Coaxial Cables

The electronics industry has been growing steadily over the last few years. And all of this has been possible because of the different and continuous development in cables and connectors. An electrical system will function efficiently and smoothly if the wiring has...

Circuit Assembly Team Grows

Circuit Assembly is growing fast!  In addition to expanding our production crew, we welcomed three new corporate team members in this last quarter. Chris Benson, Russel Lloyd, and Candice Morales are now a part of the Circuit Assembly corporate family. Here’s a bit...

USB4 – Everything you need to know

USB is one of the most fascinating inventions of technology — a universal standard that has been at the core of wired data and power transfer for almost two decades now. Although it doesn’t seem like it has been so long, in technology years, it is a very long time....

Cable Assembly or Wire Harness Considerations

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are used in different industries to ease the production of a larger component. They are useful in the production of different appliances, electronic equipment, and medical devices. Moreover, they are used in various aerospace,...

Five Things to Know About Fiber Optic Cables

What type of cable should I use with my network or application? It’s a common question that more and more people are asking, especially as fiber optic has become a viable alternative to copper in many end uses and applications. In this post, we’ll get to...

Benefits of Waterproof Connectors

They’re rugged, inexpensive and crafted from a high-resistant plastic. We’re talking about waterproof cable connectors, which offer many of the benefits that conventional metal circular connectors do not. As the exclusive provider of Dream waterproof...

Benefits of Active Optical Cables

Exceptional performance. Low power consumption. Low cost. And a variety of end uses and applications.     Active Optical Cables, or AOCs, have largely replaced copper wires to transmit data and signals in a variety of industries and applications. In this...

Copper Clad Cables vs. Solid Copper Cables

Copper clad vs. solid copper cables – which is better suited for your needs? You may already have some familiarity with these two types of cables, but it’s always good to brush up on the basics to help determine which one to use for your next application....

How to Choose the Right Cable Assembly: Field vs. Overmolded

Field assembly cable or custom overmolded cable assemblies? It’s a question that we receive at Circuit Assembly often. While we’re always happy to consult with customers to help determine the best type of assembly for their application, we thought a blog...