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Waterproof Connectors

They’re rugged, inexpensive, and crafted from a high-resistant plastic.

We’re talking about waterproof cable connectors, which offer many of the benefits that conventional metal circular connectors do not. As the exclusive provider of Dream waterproof connectors in the United States, Circuit Assembly is well-versed in the value of these types of connectors and what makes them stand out from their alternatives.

Take a closer look with us at some of the key benefits of waterproof connectors, what makes them different from metal connectors, why and when they should be used, and more. Here’s what you need to know:

Waterproof Connectors 101


Connectors are used in just about every electronic application, and waterproof connectors – fitting to the name – are a suitable option in environments and applications where water may pose a very real threat to their working operation. As we previously noted, waterproof connectors stand out from other types of connectors in a few notable ways.

For instance:

  • They’re crafted from PVC plastic, which tends to be a more affordable material that’s easier to produce than the alternatives.
  • To piggyback off the above point, waterproof connectors often represent a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive metal connectors.
  • They’re rugged, durable, and not easily damaged. Metal connectors, conversely, are often made from a variety of metal coatings that can be more easily chipped and damaged.
  • They come with different IP (Ingress Protection or International Protection) ratings. While we’ll get more into those ratings later, some of the key designations of these IP ratings include dust resistance, submergibility, and protection from high water pressure.
  • They’re airtight, a key advantage in numerous end-use applications.

Aside from these basics, there are a few other ways that waterproof connectors stand out from alternative types. For instance, they differ in size based on how many cables they’re able to hold. Dream waterproof cables are high in quality, clean, and composed of molded parts.

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Key Uses of Waterproof Connectors

As the name implies, waterproof connectors are ideal in environments where water could prove to be debilitating to a part or product’s working operations. On this note, applications such as electric bikes/scooters, signs, lights, certain types of machinery, jet skis, and boats all make for ideal end uses for these connectors.

Key Benefits of Waterproof Connectors


So why choose a waterproof connector over a standard connector? While we’ve already outlined many of the benefits of selecting a waterproof connector and the key differences between waterproof and alternative types of connectors, it’s worth digging deeper into some of the key advantages they hold.

One is a higher IP rating, and this higher rating that many of these connectors hold offers a variety of key benefits in the applications they’re installed in.

For instance, waterproof connectors typically fall into the IP60-69 range. Depending on the specific IP rating, this means that they are able to offer full protection from dust (IP60-69), high-pressure water jets from any direction (IP66), immersion in water between 15 centimeters and 1 meter of depth (IP67), and long-term immersion up to a specified pressure (IP68).

Waterproof Connector Challenges

Despite all the benefits of waterproof connectors, there is one key challenge that is associated with them. This challenge involves the current they are able to maintain, as it’s often not quite as high as a current that a metal connector would be able to reach, especially when it comes to amperage.

Why and When Should Waterproof Connectors Be Used?

Waterproof connectors are ideal not just when you need a connection that’s waterproof – but when you need one that’s also airtight. 


That’s another key advantage of waterproof connectors, and it makes them applicable for automotive applications (think: off-road bikes, all-terrain vehicles, etc.) that need to use turn signals and require low-voltage lighting as well as the numerous end-use applications that we noted in the sections above.

To recap, some of the other key end-use applications include:

  • Signage
  • Machinery
  • Watercraft
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor applications

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